Kee Man

Hi, I'm Kee Man, and Chuah is my surname. I'm currently a senior lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. I am passionate about educational technology, e-learning and the science of learning. My primary skills are related to learning design and development, virtual reality, web and app development, computational linguistics and communication.

What I do

Feel free to explore my portfolio for specific details. 


I teach university courses related to computational linguistics, educational technology, learning sciences and English language teaching.


I am engaged in various research and project consultancy, mainly those concerning my areas of expertise such as e-learning, learning or instructional design and startup ecosystem.


I have over 1o years of experience in training, particularly in the area of e-learning, pedagogies, academic writing, Design Thinking, copywriting and content creation.


I am active in edtech innovation, assistive technology and innovative solutions for equitable and quality education. My innovations have also won awards both locally and globally.

Media Highlights

Professional Memberships